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Tutorial Services


Robeson Community College (RCC) provides tutorial services free of charge to currently enrolled students.  The mission of tutorial services is: (a) to assist students who are falling behind in their class work and/or assignments, (b) to clarify information presented in the classroom and (c) to assist students who are on academic probation.  Tutorial services are conveniently provided in different locations around campus to meet the needs of the students requesting services.


In order to request tutorial services, an application must be completed.  Please fill out the application thoroughly.  Tutorial services are scheduled around the student’s class schedule so please make sure to include: (a) class schedule, (b) the names of instructors and (c) times available to receive services.


Once a completed application is received, it will be processed by the Coordinator of tutorial Services.  Please allow a minimum of 7 business days for the application to be processed.  Tutorial services are not guaranteed to every student who completes an application.  Services are provided in the order in which the application is received and attempts will be made to accommodate as many students as possible.  The provision of tutorial services is based on the availability of tutors and based on the student’s availability that is listed on the application.



The Coordinator of Tutorial Services is looking for currently enrolled students who may be interested in becoming a peer tutor.  There are several advantages in becoming a tutor.  First of all, it is a paid part-tie position with flexible hours.  Secondly, being a peer tutor provides opportunities to develop leadership abilities.  Thirdly, you gain work experience while still in school.  A minimum qualification to become a peer tutor is that you must have a 2.5 or higher GPA and have excelled in the area in which you want to tutor.  Currently enrolled students at RCC interested in becoming a peer tutor should contact the Coordinator of Tutorial Services for more information about the application process.



The Office of Tutorial Services hires individuals who have completed their Associates, Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree in order to provide an array of tutorial services to students.  Tutors will work with students’ one on one or in small groups.  Applications may be obtained in the tutor Coordinator’s office in Building 13, Room 1302 or you may call (910) 272-3344 for more information or contact Cynthia Quintero