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Ways to Give to the Foundation


Unrestricted Gifts of Cash
Unrestricted Gifts are the most useful assets in responding to the College’s ever-changing needs. These gifts can be applied wherever the needs are greatest and the funds most productive.

Restricted Gifts of Cash

Restricted Gifts allow donors to satisfy their own personal concerns while making an important contribution to the College.

Real or Personal Property

Real Estate and Personal Property such as tangible personal property, i.e., art or equipment related to Robeson Community College’s exempt purposes are fully tax deductible at fair market value. Real estate can provide for an immediate gift or fund a trust.


Gifts by Securities are a sometimes overlooked method of contributing to an educational group. Since the College can sell these securities at the market value and not have to pay tax on the gain, the donor is then able to receive income tax credit based on the market value of the securities when donated.

Provisions of a Will

Bequests in Wills represent an often used means for leaving cash, securities, real estate or other property to an educational institution. Since such bequests are exempt from federal estate taxes, a tax savings is effective for the estate, and funds are made available to the College in the name of the deceased.

Gifts of Insurance Policies

Gifts by Insurance enable donors to transfer ownership and beneficiary rights to the College while becoming a tax-deduction to the insured.

Establishment of Trusts

Philanthropic Naming Rights

Paypal is not available at this time…….please make all checks payable to RCC Foundation.