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The RCC Foundation provides two types of scholarship assistance to students.

•Endowed Scholarships–These scholarships are funded with earnings from endowments.
•Annual Scholarships–These scholarships are funded with annual gifts from donors.

Curriculum Scholarships

During the 2013-2014 school years the RCC Foundation awarded 97 scholarships totaling $82,172.53. These funds help pay for tuition, fees and books.


Current List of Endowed Scholarships & Annual Scholarships

Ray V.  & Ann Revels Endowed Scholarship

BB&T Scholarship

BB&T Endowed Scholarship

BB&T Finance Professionals Endowed Scholarship

Bill & Mayme Tubbs Presidential Endowed Scholarship

Bill & Sue Wester Endowed Scholarship

Bruce Boney Stephens Annual Scholarship

Bruce Williams Endowed Scholarship

Campbell Soup Supply Company Scholarship

Campbell Soup Supply Company Endowed Scholarship

Charles F. & Betty C. Edens Endowed Scholarship

Clyde & Charlotte Sessoms Endowed Scholarship

Commissioner Jerry L. Stephens, Sr. EMS Endowed Scholarship

David & Michelle Cox Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Dr. & Mrs. A.J. Robinson Endowed Scholarship

Dr. J. Graham Pittman Endowed Scholarship

Dr. J. Irvin & Anne Moss-Biggs Culinary Endowed Scholarship

Dr. J. Irvin & Anne Moss-Biggs Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Mac Montilus Allied Health Annual Scholarship

Dwight & Gail O. Gane/Kiwanis of Robeson-Lumberton Annual Scholarship

Earl & Joyce Antone Endowed Scholarship

Eliza & Fred Williams, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Emma Lee Locklear Scholarship

Erich Von Hackney BLET Incentive Scholarship

Eula Mae Harrell Endowed Scholarship

Evelyn M. Price Endowed Scholarship

Evelyn P. Warwick Endowed Scholarship

Florence G. Rogers Charitable Trust Book Scholarship

Florence G. Rogers Charitable Trust Scholarship

Four Winds Heritage Group Golf Tournament Scholarship

Gail O. Gane Respiratory Therapy Endowed Scholarship

Gary N. Powers Endowed Scholarship

Henry & Helen Callis Endowed Scholarship

Henry A. & Martha B. McKinnon Endowed Scholarship

I. Murchison Biggs Family Endowed Scholarship

James A. Comstock Memorial Annual Scholarship

John Luther & Isabelle Gray McLean Endowed Scholarship

John “Taylor” McMillan Endowed Scholarship

Julian T. Pierce Memorial Fund Annual Scholarship

Karen Weinstein Endowed Scholarship

Lee Sessoms Endowed Scholarship

Lillie “Marcella” Rachels Endowed Scholarship

Lucky Welch/Kiwanis of Robeson-Lumberton Scholarship

Lucy B. Simmons Business Administration Annual Scholarship

Lumbee Guaranty Bank Endowed Scholarship 

Lumbee River Electric Membership Endowed Scholarship  

Lumber River Real Estate, Inc. Annual Scholarship 

Lumberton Tourism Development Authority DBA Lumberton Visitors Bureau Annual Scholarship 

Lumberton Rotary Club Memorial Annual Scholarship 

M&M Annual Scholarship 

Marilyn Suggs Humphrey Annual Scholarship 

Millie Ann Wooten-Powers/Rosa P. McLellan-Thomas Endowed Scholarship  

Pat “Tickie” McNeill Art Endowed Scholarship 

Duke Energy Annual Scholarship  

PIKA Boys Annual Scholarship

Ray Garrett Deese Endowed Scholarship 

Raymond & Shirley Pennington Endowed Scholarship 

Rendal & Mary Lynn Walters Endowed Scholarship 

RCC Association of Educational Office Professionals Annual Scholarship 

Robeson County Home Builders Association Endowed Scholarship 

Ronald “Ron” G. Turbeville Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Sammy & Onita Cox Endowed Nursing Scholarship  

Sarah M. Britt Endowed Nursing Scholarship 

Shaw Office Supply Company Annual Scholarship 

Smithfield Foods Learners to Leaders Endowed Scholarship 

St. Albans Masonic Lodge #114 Endowed Scholarship 

Staffing Alliance Workforce Development Scholarship 

The Charles V. Chrestman Spring RCCAEOP Scholarship 

The Martha Pitman Paris/Cora Leigh Tyner Annual Scholarship 

The Metzger Early Childhood Education Endowed Scholarship 

The Wellington Mathematics Education Endowed Scholarship 

Trinity Episcopal Church Women’s Allied Health Annual Scholarship 

Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation’s Rosa Belle Williams Endowed Scholarship 

Two Hawk Employment Services Scholarship 

Vicki L. Locklear Scholarship

William Espey Annual Scholarship