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RCC Employment Procedures

Robeson Community College’s policy on personnel employment is designed to ensure the fair and equitable offering of job vacancies and the employment of competent and qualified personnel. Other personnel policies contained in the College Policy Handbook also apply to new and continuing employees. The following procedures are intended to be consistent with these policies and with those applicable North Carolina General Statutes, North Carolina Administrative Code, State Board of Community Colleges rules, and requirements of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, Robeson Community College maintains compliance with federal rules related to Equal Employment Opportunities, Office of Civil Rights, the American with Disabilities Act, and similar regulations. The full and accurate implementation of these procedures is the responsibility of the President and, as may be assigned by the President, a duty of campus administrators, supervisors, faculty, and staff.

Step 1: Authorization
The President of the College shall coordinate campus employment procedures and approve all full-time position vacancies. This process requires completion the Request for Personnel Form by the immediate division or department supervisor. Each Request for Personnel is then forwarded through administrative channels to the appropriate Vice President before submission to the President. The President of the College, or delegated representatives, will then initiate the candidate search, screen applicants, conduct interviews, and select a candidate.

Step 2: Posting and Advertising
Once notified of a vacancy by the President’s Office, the Office of Personnel Services prepares a Position of Vacancy Announcement and, when necessary, postings for on-campus and off-campus locations, postings on appropriate electronic sites, and mailings to professional organizations, professional journals, colleges, universities, and agencies. clerical and paraprofessional positions may first be posted and advertised on-campus. When no eligible applications are received for these positions, the clerical and/or paraprofessional vacancy will be widely distributed and advertised.

Step 3: Applicants
All applications, resumes, and supporting documentation for an advertised position must be submitted to the Office of Personnel Services on or before the established closing date. The Office of Personnel Services will maintain an Applicant Log to record all items received and an Applicant File for each current vacancy. These files will be maintained for a minimum of two years. Unsolicited applications will be filed for one year. Applicants prior to the closing date will be notified if their application is incomplete. Following the advertised closing date, those persons submitting incomplete applications will be notified by the Office of Personnel Services that they are not candidates for the position.

Step 4: Candidates and Interviews
After the closing date for applications, the Office of Personnel Services shall forward all complete files for a position to the appropriate division Vice President. This Vice President will coordinate the appointment of the Candidate
Committee with the approval of the President to review each application and select qualified candidates for interview. The Office of Personnel Services will schedule interviews. The Committee’s membership will include, but not be limited to, appropriate College personnel from the division of the position to be filled. Each Committee member will complete and sign a Candidate Interview Form.

Step 5: Selection of Personnel
The Candidate Committee Chair must maintain records of all committee meetings and may communicate with candidate references or make additional inquiries. After a candidate is selected by the committee, the Chair shall complete a Candidate Nominee for Employment Form for submission to an appropriate Vice President. All other candidate files will be returned to the Office of Personnel Services. The Committee may be asked to submit more than one candidate for a position.
The responsible Vice President further reviews the Committee’s recommendation and makes the final recommendation to the President. At this time, the President may choose to schedule an additional interview. If no candidate is selected, the Chair may recommend in a memorandum to the division Vice President and then to the President to continue or reopen the search for qualified candidates. At no time during the interview and selection process should any candidate be promised the position for specific salary.
Once approved by the President for employment, the candidate will be nominated by the President to the Board of trustees by specifying the position, effective date of employment, and any special conditions or contingencies. Following Board action, the appropriate Vice President will notify the candidate of the Trustee’s decision.

Step 6: Part-time/Temporary Personnel
Part-time inquiries and applications should be directed to the supervisor of the area in which the person wishes to be employed. References and transcripts should also be directed to this supervisor. Temporary, full-time staff positions need the President’s approval and Board’s approval..