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Students will . . .

  • Summarize the main ideas and the key details within a written text.
    • Filter relevant information to recap a text’s content accurately and succinctly in one’s own words.
  • Interpret and analyze what they have read.
    • Organize information using concept maps and outlines in a text.
    • Use question-generation/answer-elaboration to generate questions using stems based on Bloom’s Taxomony as well as explain and defend one’s answers. 
  • Be trained to actively engage and apply concepts to respective disciplines.
    • Annotate readings to monitor their comprehension, note key details, and create a means for reflection and review of material.
    • Use technology such as MyReadingLab, which personalizes a student’s instruction using benchmarks and skill mastery.
    • Participate in a reading community through a student book club, guest speaker series, and reading centers.