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New Student Orientation FAQ’s

Q: Is orientation mandatory?
A: New degree-seeking or new transfer bound students must participate in orientation prior to registering for classes. Other students are welcome to attend as well.

Q: Why do I have to attend orientation?
A: Students who attend orientation are more prepared to begin classes and more successful in reaching their academic goals. Orientation provides information and services in one place, rather than having new students try to obtain this information from each office on their own.

Q: Is there a fee to attend orientation?
A: No, there is no cost to attend orientation.

Q: How long is orientation?
A: Orientation is two hours in length; students must attend the entire session.

Q: Is orientation offered year round?
A:  Orientation is offered select days during Spring registration (November-January), during Summer registration (April-May) and during Fall registration (June-August). Online Orientation is also available during this time. For the current schedule, click HERE.

Q: What is covered at orientation?
A: At orientation students will learn tips on how to be successful while in college,  learn about RCC technology and tools needed for success.

Q: Do I have to complete my placement tests prior to completing orientation?
A: Yes, students must have placement levels before attending orientation. Placement levels must be established prior to academic advising and registering for courses.


Q: What should I bring to Orientation?
A:  Insert content here


Q. May I bring a guest or children?
A. Orientation programming is designed specifically for new students. In order to deliver the best possible program to our students, orientation sessions are designed for student attendance only. This allows staff to address the unique topics and questions that students typically have as they adjust to college life.

Due to the structure and material covered at orientation it is not appropriate for students to bring children or guests.


Q. I have a disability, how can I arrange accommodations?
A: Facilities used during orientation are barrier free. Accessible parking is available in each parking lot on campus for persons who properly display a current state-issued disabled/handicapped plaque/card in accordance with the State of North Carolina.

Other accommodations for students with disabilities may be available upon request.


Q. I am running late to orientation. What should I do?
A. Plan to arrive to orientation 30 minutes early to allow for ample time to park, find the room and check in. Students who are late will need to reschedule for another date.

Q. Do I have to pre-register or RSVP?
A. Yes, signing up for orientation is required. Click HERE to register.