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Student DMS/DRE Orientation


Jump Start your Success at RCC


Welcome to RCC! If your placement scores indicate a DMS and/or DRE course, YOU are required to attend an orientation session.

Pre-college Mathematics courses: DMS 003, DMS 002, or DMS 001

Pre-college English/Reading courses: DRE 096, DRE 097or DRE 098



What you will learn at a DMS / DRE Orientation

Student DMS / DRE Orientation will speed your transition to college by providing the information and resources needed to begin classes at RCC.  In Student DMS / DRE Orientation, we explain the enrollment process, identify resources to support your academic achievement, familiarize you with technology and answer all your questions.



Need Help?

If you have any questions or difficulties in scheduling your session, please contact Sheila Regan during normal business hours at  (910) 272-3305