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Training & Instruction


Adding a Network Printer

PDF Logo  Instructions on how to add a network printer/copier


PDF Logo  Instructions for iPad


PDF Logo  Instructions on how to use AppsCloud

Bring Your Own Device – BYOD

PDF Logo  Instructions for IOS Devices

Datatel Colleague UI 4.3

video  Datatel Colleague UI 4.3 Quick Tour

Desktop Manager 

PDF Logo  Desktop Manager Instructions

Email – Connecting your Smart Phone

PDF Logo  Connecting your Android phone to exchange email
PDF Logo  Connecting your iPhone to exchange email

Email Outlook 2010  Training

video  Find everyday commands in Outlook 2010
video  Create and send messages
video  Read and respond to messages
video  Print and set Outlook Options
video  Get around in your Calendar
video  Search and find in Outlook 2010
video  Practice finding and using everyday commands
video  Test yourself
PDF Logo  Quick reference guide for Outlook 2010 
PDF Logo  Outlook 2010 from GroupWise Quick Tips
PDF Logo  Outlook 2010 and GroupWise Terminology Differences


Internet Explorer 10 – Compatibility Mode

PDF Logo  Special Note for Internet Explorer 10 Users

IT Help Desk  Self-Service

PDF Logo  IT Help Desk Self-Service Instructions

IT Quick Start Guide – Employees 

PDF Logo  IT Quick Start Guide

Microsoft Office 2013

video  Excel
video  Outlook
video  PowerPoint
video  Access
video  Lync
video  Word
video  Publisher
video  SharePoint
video  Office 365

My RCC Portal

PDF Logo  My RCC quick Start Guide
video  My RCC Portal Overview
video  Academic Profile
video  Registration Part I
video  Registration Part II

Mozilla Firefox – Online Drop Form

PDF Logo  Online Drop Form Special Instructions for Firefox users


Online Payments – Paying for Classes with a Credit Card

PDF Logo  Registered and Ready to pay online with Visa or MasterCard


RCC Alert – Account Creation 

PDF Logo  Account creation for students and employees for RCC Alert


PDF Logo  Rtube (Mystro) Overview & Instructions

Shared Network Drives

PDF Logo  Home Directory ( H: Drive) Overview
PDF Logo  Departmental Directory ( S: Drive) File Structure

Sharp Interactive TV

video  Sharp Aquos Board interactive Tutorial

SMART Interactive Whiteboard

video  Introductory overview of SMART interactive whiteboard
PDF Logo  SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Basics

PDF Logo  The Floating Tools Toolbar

PDF Logo  Using Microsoft Office Applications with SMART Tools

PDF Logo  Orienting the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

video  Touch, Write and Save
video  Ink Aware
video  Using PowerPoint software

SMART Notebook

video  Introductory overview of SMART Notebook software - Part I
video  In depth overview of SMART Notebook software - Part II
video  SMART Notebook Training by Teacher Training

SMART Podium

video  Introductory overview of SMART podium

SMART Sync Labs

PDF Logo  Classroom Management Suite
video  Introductory overview of SMART Sync classroom management

Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC)

PDF Logo  Technology Enhanced Classroom (TEC) quick start guide
PDF Logo  Rtube (Mystro) Instructions
PDF Logo  TEC Classroom Virtual Teleconference (VTC) Instructions

Virtual Desktops (VDI)

PDF Logo  Instructions - Apple
PDF Logo  Instructions – Chromebook / HTML5


PDF Logo  Instructions on how to access WebConnect