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Technology Theft Notification Guide

Version 1.1; August 30, 2011



The purpose of this document is to serve as a guideline for notifying the proper personnel in the event of technology equipment theft.  Information Technology will review these procedures on a periodic basis and updates will be made as appropriate.


Information Technology

In the event of computer or other technology related theft the following action should be followed:


Step No.

Process Contact Person Notes


Please call IT immediately after the theft.  Please provide IT with the RCC asset tag number and/or the device serial number.

IT Dept

(910) 272-3566

It is imperative to notify IT within 4 hours of the incident.


Please notify the equipment officer and give as much details as possible about the theft.

Estelle Wiggins

(910) 272-3534

The equipment officer will facilitate the police report and verify equipment information.