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Shared Drives

Home Drive (H:)

A home directory or H Drive is a folder, or storage area, that is located on our college network servers.

h driveClick here for instructions

You can  access your files from any networked computer on campus and your account and files are password protected. All files you save to your home directory are backed up on the college network.


Departmental Drive (S:)

A  secure, more reliable environment. Important files containing “sensitive” data should not be stored on your computer. If these files are stored on the server they will not be affected if your computer crashes or is stolen. Also, files stored on the server are backed up nightly.

An effective way of sharing information and resources. You may have a database or spreadsheet that users in different areas of the department may need information from for various purposes. The file can be accessed in the shared folder whenever they need it. You may even want more than one user to maintain data on a spreadsheet or database. They can do so easily when it is in the shared folder. Files can be accessed at anytime from anywhere (on campus) when you need them, you can even access your shared folder from another computer.

Click here for file structure