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UI 4.4 Introduction

Please acquaint yourself with the new Datatel Colleague software’s Web User Interface (UI 4.4). Colleague software (ERP) is a product of Datatel, a company that provides administrative software to higher education.


RCC uses this software to collect and report upon administrative data, including student, accounting and human resource information.  A desktop UI is currently being used by all users to access the Colleague software and RCC’s stored data.  This new Web based UI will be the only supported (usable) UI version by RCC. You can continue to use the existing Datatel Colleague UI (desktop version) until 12/31/2012.   This move to the new Datatel Colleague UI is being conducted to maintain currency with the current release of the Colleague product and Datatel supported software.  All RCC Datatel Colleague users must learn to use this new UI (User Interface).

If you are a current RCC Colleague user, you will notice that the mnemonic names, screen content and general operation of Colleague has not changed. All existing Colleague forms and processes still function the same. After learning of the improvements that this new UI offers then you may desire to change your workflow methods but you will not be required to do so. This new UI offers many new features (not previously available) that you will probably want to leverage to assist you with an easier Datatel Colleague experience. Major changes for the new UI include:

  • improved performance
  • a print screen button to print the contents of any viewable form
  • ability to resize any screen or form
  • new search features for forms, people, and records
  • button clickable Excel spreadsheet exporting support for window data
  • work with several people/entities across forms easily
  • the ability to save forms, as well as people/entities, as “favorites”
  • the ability to print reports directly to PDF
  • Search for a Mnemonic by searching on a keyword within the description
  • Save Forms, as well as people, as “favorites.”

Features no longer available

  • Users will no longer have the UI installed onto their personal office PC. Instead each user will access the new UI via a web address.
  • Query Builder, a wIntegrate reporting utility, is no longer available via the new web-based UI. RCC purchased and has been using, for almost 2 years now, a new reporting tool called Informer (by Entrinsik). All Colleague (Datatel) reporting should now be accomplished either through built-in Colleague reports or through Informer.
  • “Print Local” no longer exists; click on
  • “Export PDF” and then print the PDF.