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BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Students and employees are able to bring their own portable devices to college to use in the classroom/office to support their learning/productivity. This opportunity is completely voluntary and is an optional extra.

Devices and Software

Students and employees can bring netbooks, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Gaming consoles are not permitted. We are not recommending brands or platforms as we wish to give parents and employees a choice. Devices must have up-to-date antivirus and internet security software. It is not necessary to purchase expensive application software as free options such as open source (e.g. Open Office) or cloud based (e.g. Google Docs, RCC AppsCloud) applications are perfectly acceptable for classroom use.


Responsibility for the security of the device will rest entirely with the student or employee. Classroom security cannot be guaranteed and in the interests of protecting staff they will not be allowed to handle or store student devices. Students will need to know where their device is at all times and never leave it unattended. A device should only be used by the owner. Devices should be clearly named.  Parents, students or employees should check with their insurer to see what level of protection is provided.

Student Responsibility

Students will need to look after their devices and treat them with care. They should ensure that they bring them to school fully charged. They will be expected to work in battery mode. Important work will need to be backed up to another device (e.g. memory stick, external drive) or to the internet. If students cannot access work on their computer they will need to work in the traditional way.  Students should be familiar with and abide by all aspects of the RCC Internet Use Agreement.

The Network

All students have access to a virtual private network via a wireless connection. This provides them with access to the Internet. We have sophisticated filtering in place to prevent access to inappropriate material but the ultimate responsibility rests with the user. All internet traffic is monitored and can be tracked to an individual.


Information Technology is unavailable to support end users with their personal devices.


The College cannot provide printing services for employees or students from their own devices. They will need to print via a USB.


Instructions for IOS Devices

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