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Institutional Goals

We seek to fulfill our purpose with the following institutional goals:

1. Organization and Administration
    The college will make available contemporary, competent management     necessary to bring together its various resources and allocate them     effectively to accomplish its institutional goals.

2. Fiscal Responsibility
    The college will effect fiscal responsibility by maintaining a financial     management system that adheres to generally accepted accounting     practices, is audited as prescribed by the state and accrediting entities,
    and provides financial stability necessary to the successful operation of 
    the institution.

3. College Facilities
    The college will provide facilities that are safe, clean, accessible, neat and     organized in a manner that is appealing to students, supportive of the     teaching-learning process, contribute to an atmosphere for effective 
    learning, and easily accessible for business related functions.

4. Educational Programs
    The college will strive to offer high quality education programs and 
    services that are directly related to the purpose and goals of the 
    institution, to the ability and preparation of the students admitted, 
    and to the financial and instructional resources of the institution.

5. Educational Support Services
    The college will provide a variety of support services that include library;     instructional support services; student development services; computer     services; and those services that complement the educational, cultural, 
    and social development of the student.

6. Life-Long Learning
    The college will strive to offer a variety of programs to support life-long     learning in such areas as the adult high school; adult basic education;     continuing education; public and community service; workforce 
    development and training; and human resource development.

7. Faculty and Staff
    The college will endeavor to recruit, retain and develop high performance     faculty and staff needed to achieve the education and training objectives
    of the institution in a professional and ethical manner.

8. Technology
     The college will encourage and support faculty and staff in the effective 
     and efficient use of instructional technology and administrative 
     computing systems.

9. Institutional Advancement
    The college will pursue a program of institutional advancement which 
    may include development and fund raising, institutional/public relations, 
    and alumni affairs.

10. Institutional Effectiveness
     The college will strive to continually document institutional effectiveness      using a system of planning and performance evaluation, institutional      research and data analysis.

11. Community Service
     The college will serve as a resource to promote the personal, 
     professional, social, and cultural development of people and 
     communities throughout the service area.