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Campus Cruiser

CampusCruiser is a unique Web-based campus community groupware designed specifically for educational institutions. On CampusCruiser, an entire community of students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and parents can collaborate and interact with one another, while sharing and authoring community contents that make up everyone’s campus life.

CampusCruiser is divided into sections. Each section contains different features and functions. You can go to any section you wish by simply clicking on the section tab of your choice. See Section Lists for specific features. The sections are:

  • The General Section
  • The Offices Section
  • The Admin Tools Section
  • The Department Section
  • The Classes Section
  • The E-mail Section
  • The Calendars Section
  • The Address Book Section
  • The To Do List Section
  • The Web Pages Section
  • The Photo Album Section
  • The Preferences Section
  • The Club/Activities Section
  • The Committees Section
  • The Directory Section

CampusCruiser pages have the same general layout. This is so that users can easily find themselves and navigate throughout CampusCruiser without losing their orientation. See the CampusCruiser Global Features List for more information on the layout.

It’s all up to you. You are in control and can go wherever you wish to go. One good place to start is in the “Home: Welcome” page, where you can view campus sports and news. After you finish reading articles of interest, try out some of the other features. Keep in mind that CampusCruiser has many sections and functions. Users are always surprised at how many things they can actually do in CampusCruiser. Just take your time and play with the things you find interesting or useful.

CampusCruiser has an extensive online help system which will guide you through actions and functions which you may not be familiar with yet. You can access the help files from any CampusCruiser Page. The “Help” link is located in the colored Global Menu Bar area immediately below the Section Tabs.