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Career Information

As a Surgical Technologist (ST), you will have made yourself marketable to work in numerous areas dealing with surgery. Most entry level ST’s start out working within the Surgical Suite, or Operating Room. Once the ST has gained some surgical experience, many other opportunities are open to them.
Some of these opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Working within the OR (operating room) suite
  • Working in Central Sterile Supply
  • Doctor’s office (as their personal ST, in the office, or in the hospitals where they perform procedures)
  • Out-patient surgical centers
  • Labor and delivery areas
  • Transplant/organ recovery teams
  • Sales reps, or as a consultant

Entry level ST’s working in North Carolina can look forward to earning about $34,000.00 a year to start. Salaries in other areas that an ST might be able to work will be dependent upon experience. Naturally, the closer that you work in the larger towns and cities, the more the salary can be.