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Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students/ Graduates will be clinically competent.

    a. Students will apply accurate positioning skills.

    b. Students will select appropriate technical factors.

  2. Students will use critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

    a. Students will adapt positioning techniques and technical factors for non-routine patients/ exams.

    b. Students will evaluate radiographic images for accuracy of positioning.

  3. Students will be able to communicate effectively.

    a. Students will employ oral communication skills.

    b. Students will demonstrate written communication skills.

  4. Students will evaluate the importance of professional growth and development.

    a. Students will model professionalism in interactions with patients and healthcare professionals.

    b. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the need for professional development.

  5. Students/ Graduates will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of radiation protection standards by employing the ALARA principles.

    a. Students will apply various forms of radiation protection for their patients in the form of lead shielding devices.

    b. Students will utilize radiation protection principles by proper use of collimation.

  6. Students will be able to use mathematical skills necessary for calculation, analysis and problem-solving.

    a. Students will modify technical factors given changing variables to achieve proper contrast and density.

    b.  Students will adjust technical factors based on patient type, body habitus and pathology.