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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take me to complete this degree?

If the student can attend day classes and follow the curriculum outlined in the program, the student should be able to finish the degree in two years. If the student can only attend classes at night or part time, he or she will require more time to complete the program requirements.

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2. Will I be able to find a job locally with this major?

We have placed several graduates in the local job market. Graduates are now working in office related jobs at the hospital, for state agencies, at the university, at local banks, for non-profit agencies, as well as here at RCC.

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3. I don′t know anything about computers. Will I be able to keep up in these classes?

YES! Instructors work with students at whatever level they bring to the classroom. We are fortunate that we have a good instructor to student ratio and each student gets a lot of individual attention.

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