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Tabitha Locklear


“I am so glad that I chose the Culinary and Hospitality field to be a part of because it gives me so many avenues to get into management, whether it is in a restaurant, hotel or resort and with so many avenues to choose from, my employment chances with a competitive salary are high.”

Amy Lynn Huggins (Hunt)

-former CT major

Career Information

When you first enroll in the Culinary Arts Program at Robeson Community College, we keep you connected to the “real world.” Listening to the needs of your future employers is the foundation of your career development process and will be the focal point of the area you may wish to pursue in the Culinary and Hospitality Industry, which starts day one!

Let us help you prepare for a career in:

  • Culinary | Entry level to Management
  • Hospitality | Entry level to Management
  • Baking | Entry level to Management

Your Culinary Arts Advisor will work with you through different stages of your Culinary Technology experience to prepare you for employment in your chosen career. We help you learn, through our programs and services, how to manage your career development process to find the job that fits you best!