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Employment Application


RCC does not accept applications delivered via email. Please print, sign and then submit a hard copy of the application to Personnel Services (or the appropriate department if applying for part-time employment.) Applications may be mailed to the address indicated on the application or they may be faxed to (910) 272-3546.

A resume and copies of all transcripts must accompany the application. Applications that are incomplete or are not accompanied by a resume and transcripts will not be considered. Copies of supporting documentation that relate to the qualifications/licensures required for the position should accompany the application.

Applications are not accepted beyond the position’s closing date unless the college makes a formal announcement to extend the searchor the position is listed as “open until filled”; otherwise, late applications will not be considered.

Please retain copies for your records. A separate application packet (transcripts, resume, & supporting documentation) is required for each position for which you apply. Previously submitted applications, transcripts, resumes, or any related materials may not be used to make application for current or future positions. Applications indicating “item/material on file”; “please see”; “please pull”; etc. will be treated as incomplete and withdrawn from consideration.

Transcripts, resumes, or other documentation cannont be returned to the applicant; therefore, please do not submit original documentation unless requested to do so. Due to limited resources, Personnel Services cannot honor requests for photocopies of application materials unless obligated to do so by legal representation or government officials.


 Print and Complete Application PDF