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How to Use a Catalog

RCC General Catalogs (pdf)  You may have received a copy of the catalog upon enrollment in a degree program.  Keep your catalog (or catalog cd) in a safe place and refer to it often.  As long as you are continuously enrolled and complete your degree within five years, this catalog will provide you with information to guide you through your degree program.  If your studies have been interrupted or if you have not completed your degree within five years, you will transition from your original catalog to the current catalog.

Warning:  If you do not carefully follow your program of study and if you hop from catalog to catalog, you will probably take courses you do not need and it will take you longer to graduate.  It is your responsibility to stay on track.  Financial Aid will not pay for courses you do not need.  You would be wise to invest a little time in understanding your degree requirements.

If you do not know your assigned major and catalog year with 100% certainty, check with your advisor and/or the Records and Registration Office in Building 13.

If you have misplaced your catalog, you can still find it on-line.

Note to transfer evaluators:
Most RCC catalogs since 1995 are available on line in pdf and are searchable by key words.