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Library Facilities

Open Computer Lab: The RCC Library’s main floor contains 33 touchscreen desktop computers, and RCC students also have access to 40 laptop computers for use within the library. The open lab hours are the same as those of the library, and it is staffed with a lab assistant to assist with any problems that may arise while using the library’s computer equipment.

Reading Room: The RCC Library contains a reading room on the upper level, which contains comfortable seating and easy access to current periodicals. It is a great place for those seeking a quiet place to study and can host small gatherings.  The RCC Book Club meets here periodically (check the RCC Library Calendar for upcoming events).  The Reading Room is also equipped with six desktop computers for student use.

Instruction Lab: Located off of the library’s main floor, the computer instructional lab boasts 22 all-in-one desktop computers with 17″ monitors, classroom management software, sleek work areas, and a digital SMARTboard.

Conference Room: The RCC Library’s conference room seats up to 8 people comfortably and is equipped with an HDMI-enabled television monitor and telephone (910) 272-3319.

Need to Reserve a Room?: Go to the RCC Library Events page and click on the name of the room you wish to reserve under “Room Bookings” on the upper right side of the page.  Please contact the Circulation Desk (910) 272-3327, if you wish to reserve the second-floor Reading Room.