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2014 Test Completers

Effective May 2, 2014, North Carolina transitioned its GED® credentialing process from the issuance of paper transcripts and GED® diplomas to a paperless electronic transcript system for students taking the test in 2014. As such, all 2014 GED passers have now received their electronic diplomas and transcripts. After May 2, 2014, when students pass the 2014 test, GED Testing Service will automatically email students their diploma and transcript free of charge. The 2014 tester has the option of ordering a professionally printed North Carolina GED® diploma which is also free of charge. Duplicate transcript and diploma requests will cost $15.00. Students will log onto their account for subsequent requests and may forward their transcripts to prospective employers, colleges or universities if they desire.

2002-2013 Test Completers

Fulfillment of historical requests through GED Credentialing™ for students who graduated during the years 2002-2013 will begin on June 1, 2014. Students will be emailed their transcript/diploma which they may forward to prospective employers, colleges or universities. Any duplicate transcript or diploma request will cost the completer $15.00. Test takers will need to sign in to GED Credentialing™ to securely order their duplicate transcripts, verifications or diplomas.

1940-2001 Test Completers

The NCCCS High School Equivalency (HSE) Records Office will continue to fulfill verification, transcript and diploma requests for individuals who tested before 2002. There will be no charge. Detailed information is posted on the NC Community Colleges web site at