Robeson Community CollegeWelcome to Lumberton, North Carolina sign

  Services provided by CANASA:

• Provide one-on-one subject matter tutoring; provide access to research-based interactive online tutoring program with high success rate in mathematics and other academic areas; provide access to laptop computers and Internet access to insure completion of assignments dependent upon technology; provide study area for individual students or small groups and provide academic workshops and seminars.

• Administer financial aid resources to students efficiently.

• Provide needed academic support the learning center on campus, accessibility to academic tools and learning assistance.

• Provide personal and career support through development of a resource center.

• Attendance of local conferences and events supportive of Native American culture and academic performance.

• An Early Alert system for intervention with students struggling academically to insure support for retention and graduation

• Career shadowing and career counseling to assist students with job opportunities.

• Placement services to insure greatest potential of adequate employment upon program completion.