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Medical Emergencies Procedure

1. In the event of an emergency, it will be the responsibility of the College’s faculty or staff member who is first at the scene of the emergency medical incident/accident to call “911″ and then notify the switchboard operator.

2. The caller should provide the switchboard operator with the victim’s name, nature of the emergency and approximate location of the emergency.

3. Upon receipt, the switchboard operator will notify security and have that person to be at the front entrance to direct emergency personnel to the scene.

4. When the switchboard operator determines the program area in which the incident/accident occurs, the operator should notify the appropriate Program Director or Vice President of the emergency situation.

5. Should the switchboard be closed when emergency medical assistance is needed, the faculty or staff member should call 674-6428 for Campus Security after calling “911.”

6. The caller should state his/her name, the nature of the emergency, and the approximate location of the emergency.