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Campus Safety and Security

The Department of Institutional Services is responsible for security and emergency response at Robeson Community College. The campus is staffed with sworn off duty police officers with full powers of arrest. These services are provided five (5) days a week. Officers patrol the main campus and the ComTech facility in Pembroke, North Carolina. The department also employs non-certified security officers on the weekends who have the same duties and responsibilities; however, they do not have the power of arrest.

Robeson Community College officers work to employ the concept of Community Policing. Community Policing is a collaborative effort between the police, college staff, and students, that assist in identifying problems of crime and disorders, in an effort to prevent crimes from occurring rather than reacting to them. This concept of crime prevention is based upon the idea of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities, whenever possible, and encouraging the college community to be responsible for their own security and security of others.

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